Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chicken Wire Frames

I was inspired by my friend who made one of these so we made a few of them! They are so fun to have to hang cards on or little love notes, ect.

Materials Needed:
Frame (remove glass and matting)
Chicken Wire
Wire Cutter
Staple Gun
Hot Glue Gun
Mini Clothes Pins
Buttons (you can use embellishments or spray paint on the clothes pins) -optional
Gems (optional)

What To Do:
*Spray Paint Frame -optional-
*Measure and cut the chicken wire (or wire mesh) to fit the back of the frame
*Staple to frame
*Using the hot glue gun glue the gems to the buttons, then glue the buttons to the end of the clothes pins.

Finished Product :) Could use spray paint on the frame if you would want to!