Monday, January 23, 2012

Texas Tutu

We just finished up a cute custom ordered bumblebee tutu and put it off into the mail and sent to TEXAS! So excited to see what this sweet soon to be 3 year old will look like in it! I only took a few pictures on my phone of it but it was sooo stinkin cute! Ashtyn begged to keep it for herself! We will have to make a duplicate!


Valentines Day at Home Dinner Date

Dressed in our best, the table is set!
Ready for our Valentine's Date Night at HOME!
First time every and I think it started a family tradition. The boys escorted the girls downstairs then Ashtyn seated  everyone at their spots at the table for a candlelit dinner. Ashtyn made the name tags for everyone.
The girls surprised the boys with the meal (we made lots of heart shaped things) and enjoyed some sparkling juice! It was such a fun night!

A few things on the table:
*Heart Shaped Pizza
*Heart Shaped Hot dogs with Cheese on the ends
*Fruit Salad
*Sparkling Grape Juice
*A few Valentine's Treats
*A special note for each person at their spot

We hope you enjoy this!

Seasoned Spuds

Another family favorite of ours... to serve with meat is what we call our "seasoned spuds". Baby red potatoes with lots of seasonings! Here is the way I prepare them, I have found that using my apple cutter has been so much easier to use when cutting my potatoes! The kids LOVE the way they look too!

20 Baby Red Potatoes *Fill large pot about half way
1 Tbs. Olive Oil
1/2 C. Water
1 Tbs. Lawry's Salt (at the most, my hubby LOVES this, but def. could use a little less)!
1/8 tsp. Onion Powder
1/8 tsp. Garlic Powder
1/4 tsp Sea Salt

*Cut potatoes
*Fill bottom of pan with water and oil
*Add the seasonings
*Cover and cook on Medium-high heat for 15-20 min stirring occasionally.

Use an apple cutter to cut the potatoes (don't peel them)

The finished potatoes!! YUMMO!

Enjoy!! :)

Gluten Free Granola Recipe!

A new favorite in our house! Thank you to my sister-in-law for a few yummy recipes!! We had to share them! :)

Gluten Free Granola
Print Recipe

*This recipe is doubled
½ C. honey
2tsp vanilla
4 c. oats
2/3 c. sunflower seeds (raw and unsalted)
1 c. raw almonds chopped (optional)
4 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp cloves
2 c. dry fruit

Preheat oven to 325
In small saucepan, combine oil, honey and vanilla.
Stir over low heat until combined, about 1-2 min
Combine oats, seeds, almonds and spices directly on 11x7 jelly roll pan
Bake for 10-12 min. or until golden brown, stirring and spreading every 3 min.
Mix in Fruit

The Ingredients I used

Stirring it all together (adding the liquid onto the the dry ingredients)



Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Making some Daisies

Ashtyn had the day off of school for "In Service". I just treasure my time with her. So she got to pick our agenda for the day, with a little help from her brother of course! After we finished breakfast we all headed right upstairs to make some flowers! She wanted to make a bunch for her friends that are coming to her birthday party (she turns 6 on Friday, where has the time gone)!
We made lots and lots of flowers. I just cherish those moments, we sing and talk and giggle away the entire time. The boys also had a fun time using our table as their machine shed and they parked their John Deere Tractors underneath and played their usual.. farmin and cowboys!
I'm so thankful for this little business that we have started and feel so incredibly blessed to be able to stay at home with all 3 of my children each day!

Ashtyn and her favorite flower that she created :)

Ashtyn's little flower display of her favorites that she made from the day :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Personalized Guess Who Game

 A family favorite of ours is to play games, we recently bought the kids this Guess Who Game and wanted to be able to play with both Ashtyn (5) and Brayden (3). It was harder for Brayden to play since he didn't know the names of anyone on the cards. We made our own personalized game and it has been his FAVORITE game to play ever since then! It was really easy to make, a little time consuming but definitely worth it for all the hours that we have now spent playing it! :)
Hope you all have a super fun time playing this!

Materials Needed:
Pictures (I cropped each picture 1'' by 2'' --> then printed them)
Mod Podge
Paint Brush

What To Do:
After printing the pictures and cutting them out --> You will need 3 copies of the pictures (2 for each board and then 1 set to draw from)
Just use a layer of Mod Podge on the original card then put your picture onto card if you would like you can put an additional layer of Mod Podge over the top! :)

Brayden playing our new personalized Guess Who :)
Sorting the cards and getting ready to apply Mod Podge

Setting the cards up

It's still very easy to play the game you just need to come up with a few more creative questions! Such as;
  • Is it a boy?
  • Are they older than 10 years old?
  • Do they have glasses on?
  • Do they have a flower in their hair?
  • Is a grandma?
  • Is it my uncle?
  • Do they have a white shirt on?
  • Do they have a tanktop on?