Monday, July 16, 2012

Outdoor Movie Theater


We have been talking about having a family date night so we decided to do it at home and all outside!
The kids and I put up then tent all by ourselves...that's pretty impressive! Then we got our swing mattress, blankets and pillows and set up our outside bed. After that we dug out the Christmas lights and strung them up around the yard. Of course we couldn't forget the candy and popcorn that Ashtyn put in the little red wagon! And last ... the projector, got it all set up and ready for movie time!

The night started off by our grill out --> yummy stakes and potatoes and of course the kids had to have hot dogs! We ate by our campfire and roasted some s'mores.
Finally it got dark enough to plug in our lights and snuggle up to watch our movie! To my surprise I only saw 1 bat which stayed away and the bugs were scare the entire time! YAHOO!
Once the movie was over we crawled into the tent for a comfy night of sleep.

It is so awesome making memories with our family that will last forever :)