Daisy and Her Babies

We are very happy to report that ALL the puppys went to wonderful homes, most in MN but 1 puppy (Ashtyn's favorite who she called 'Princess') went all the way to Washington!
There are a few puppys that are living locally, it is so much fun for us to be able to go see them.
We would LOVE any pictures or updates of the pups from Daisy's 1st litter if you have them :)
You can email them to Heather
Be sure to keep checking in and I will update the pups growth and development.

If you would like to see some pictures of the pups that we have taken click HERE!
Daisy, our purebred labrador
We just found out TODAY 7.21.11 that Daisy is going to be a momma!
The kids and I took her to the vet for her 1 year checkup,
the vet (Dr. Stacy Lewison) looked and me and said "you know your dog is pregnant don't you"! That was quite a shock! 
I wasn't quite sure and after a little persuasion, and "that look" from 2 innocent children, they talked me into doing an Ultra Sound. Stacy immediately saw the head of a puppy! Along with the heartbeat...
then she started counting.... and counted at least 6 puppies!
The KIDS LOVED seeing Daisy's puppys in her tummy! That was very special for the kids, they really enjoyed their time with mom at the vet, they asked both Stacy and Becky (the vet tech) probably 100+ questions.
 They spent so much time with us and explained so much to us, 
Stacy told us the puppies looked very large and since her nipples had gotten much bigger and were beginning to "bag up" she could be going into labor anyday!
We left the vet and headed to Runnings to get her some Diamond Puppy food, we went home gave Daisy a bath, and made a welping box for her... now the waiting begins!

7.21.11 "bagging up"

7.26.11 "Bagging Up"

August 8, 2011 (MONDAY)
We went outside around 7:30 am to let Daisy go potty. She seemed a little weird and we noticed she knocked over a few things in the garage. Which is totally NOT like her at all.
She went potty and was pacing all over the yard, she also didn’t eat any of her food that we had left for her the night before.
We opened the outside kennel and let Koda and Pepper out, Daisy immediately RAN into their kennel and went into the dog house.
I went to get her and she started growling, which was NOT LIKE HER AT ALL. She’s NEVER growled at me!
I got her out and put her back into the garage where we had her welping box (kiddie pool with carpet on the bottom) for her.
The kids and I left around 10:30 am to go do chores and run a few errands in Marshall.
We returned home about 3:45pm. Usually when we pull up to the garage and get out we are greeted with barking or whinning from Daisy, but today it was silent.
I went in through the garage door and heard a lot of crying!
11 Purebred White/Yellow Labs :)
Momma Daisy and her babies, she is the best momma!
A few hours after they were born

Brayden meeting the puppies for hte first time, the kids were just fascinated with them!

Ashtyn's new rest spot! :)

Ashtyn, Daisy and her 10 puppies -- this was taken just minutes before she had her last puppy!

I ran to the truck and yelled for Ashtyn, she came running!!! The garage was TORN APART! Daisy pulled down boxes and took out all the papers, they were spread all over the floor (she made herself a nest).
There wasn’t much for blood but it was really wet.
Ashtyn and I got to the welping box and brought it in the house into the entry way.
Then I started handing the puppies 1 by 1 to Ashtyn and she took them into the house!
We counted 10 PUPPIES! Daisy was being SOooo good!
We moved her into the house, and she curled right up with her babies and Ashtyn laid next to her for a long time. It was very quite for a while,
All of a sudden Daisy leaned up and started licking herself. Next thing we knew we watched her have ANOTHER baby! She was VERY VERY quite and didn’t make any noise. All of her other babies were still nursing while she had the last one.
She licked the casing all off and chewed off the umbilical cord. It all happened within minutes, it was very quick!
Daisy has been such an awesome mommy, she has been so patient and very good with all of us touching and looking at the puppies!
She has also been letting us know when she has to go outside to go potty!
But she is VERY VERY worn out and tired.
It has been such a fun experience for all of us!!!
Ashtyn said when we were laying together watching the puppies, “mommy I’m SO Happy I could just cry!”
Brayden woke up from nap and saw the puppies for the first time and said “MOMMY I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM” he loves to watch them
And when Daddy got home, he says, “Look at those TINY farts! Hehe.. and he is VERY VERY Proud of Miss Daisy”!
We had lots of visitors to see the new puppies!
Danielle , Katie and Ava, Lisa and her brother, Tom stopped over, along with Matt, Denise, Taylor, Tanner and Jimmy J

August 9, 2011 (TUESDAY) -Day 2
Daisy did AWESOME overnight!!! All 11 puppies are doing WONDERFUL!
She finally ate today, and drank a lot of water, she also went outside a few times to potty, she has been doing sooooo good!!! J

August 10, 2011 (Wednesday) - Day 3
Daisy ate off the rest of the umblicial cords that were left from the puppies, she has been snuggling with them a lot. She also doesn't like the stinky carpets in the pool, she digs at them until she can get out. We took the carpets out and just let her lay in the pool she seems to perfer that a lot more!
Daisy had a new visitor today! (Diane, LeAnna and Amanda came over!) :)

August 11, 2011 (Thursday)- Day 4
Today Daisy was really tired, she needed a little break, TJ walked in the entry way and found her laying in the corner by the laundry all by herself! I guess she was pretty sick of babies on her all the time!
She also found a dog bed that I was going to wash, drug it over next to the pool and laid on it, we came into check on her, she had 6 of her puppies out of the pool next to her on the dog bed! We watched her grab the last one in her mouth and put it next to her. She's still being a super good mommy and letting us (including the kids) touch and play with both her and the puppies!!
Daisy had some more visitors today!! (Aunt Chrissy, Ty, Trey and Tia got to see the puppies and Daisy) :)

August 14, 2011 (Sunday) - Day 7
The puppies are starting to find their voice! They have become a little noiser when mommas not laying right next to them!! A few of the puppies noses and paws have started to turn black instead of pink! I can't believe how big they are getting! They are all still doing WONDERFUL! And Daisy is still being a really awesome Momma letting us pet and hold them!

The boys.... and the girls.. :)
1 week old
  August 15, 2011 (Monday) - 1 week old
Can't believe it's already been 1 week that we've had these adorable puppies in our home! We are all enjoying them SOOO much! We just found out today that we CAN register the babies!!!! We're very excited about that!
The puppies almost all have black paws and noses,  they sure are growing (they avarge between 8.5' to 9.75' now, they are starting to squirm around more to find mommy when she lays down in the pool! Daisy has become very annoyed if there isn't clean carpet or a clean bed in there for her, she digs until she can get everything out. So we've spent lots of time making sure to keep the pool clean for her!

August 16, 2011 (Tuesday) - Day 9
Daisy is still spotting quite a bit and is a little more tired today, she wanted to be outside longer than normal but still has been nursing her babies very well.
Today I clipped all 11 puppies toenails! They did very well (I did this when Daisy was outside). I used a baby toe nail clipper (thanks Kaitlyn for the advice!) and trimmed the edges of their toenails, I think this will def. help while Daisy is nursing them! I only made 4 out of 11 bleed- hoping next time there won't be any blood!!

August 17, 2011 (Wednesday) - Day 10
Ashtyn's home and SOOOOO excited to see her baby puppies! They are finding their voices a lot more now, starting to kind of yip and a quite bark, their cry sounds sooo much like a babies cry! We often think it's Peyton but nope just those puppies! They are squimming around a lot more now and getting so much bigger!
Daisy had quite a bit of visitors today!!! -- Joy and Tyler, Teah and Lanae, Milo and Zane, and Tiffany and Jakob all came over to help mommy freeze corn, the puppies have never been held so much, but they all survived and so did Daisy, she did amazing with all the new people and all the kids holding and touching her and the puppies!! Very thankful we have such a good momma doggie! =)

August 18, 2011 (Thursday) - Day 11
ASHTYN GOT PEE'D ON!!! Ashtyn was holding her favorite female puppy for almost an hour, she stood up and started yelling as the pee caming running all over the place! Needless to say that little puppy finally got a break from being held! hehe.
August 21, 2011 (Sunday) - Day 14 
Peek-a-boo! I see you!  Brayden's FAVORITE puppy is starting to open his eyes! He is the chubbest/biggest puppy in the litter! We saw him squirming around, TJ went and picked him up and noticed his little eyes starting to open!  They were open just the tiniest little bit (we all talked about this earlier and the kids agreed that we had to let them open their eyes the rest of the way by THEMSELVES!)We all got So excited and of course mommy got the camera out and took LOTS of pictures! So cute and sweet! :)

Here's the big guy! :) 14 days old, just starting to open his eyes

Hello world! :)

August 22, 2011 (Monday) - 2 week
We have heard a few more noises from the little pups lately! A few barks even, SOoooo cute!
They are moving around so much more, snuggling and just starting to wake up and pull on each other!
All of them have their eyes open now! They still sleep most of the time. Daisy is still being a super good mommy, she enjoys her time outside A LOT now, but is constantaly checking on her babies! She's very good about laying with them and nursing them, just lately we've seen her in the pool with them taking a nap and not ONE puppy is nursing, they all just snuggle up together! It's starting to be a lot of fun with these adorable little puppies! 
Brayden showing Peyton the puppy!

All snuggles :)

King of the Mountian!


Sweet Dreams!

August 25, 2011 (Thursday) - Day 19
BATH TIME! The pups are really starting to move around quite a bit more now, and starting to pee large amounts in their pool, we are going to have to figure out at different housing situation for them soon. But today we decided they needed a bath. They have been laying in urine have that skunky breath and smell to them. Both Ashtyn and Brayden were AWESOME helpers when it came to giving them puppies a bath, being very careful to only put the soapy water on the backs and tummies (we used the extra mild puppy shampoo), then Ash and Bray both took turns drying them off! All the puppies did really well too, we did this big event outside (it was super hot). Everyone seemed to enjoy it! :) And the puppies smelled AMAZINGLY better after it was done!

Clipping their toenails
Ashtyn aslo learned how to clip puppies toenails today!! She did one foot and I did the other on EVERY puppy (we didn't even make 1 bleed today! Woo Hoo! She was so excited that mommy taught her and she could help, she did a great job! :)

Brayden, Ashtyn and Peyton with the 11 pups =) Brayden's not to enthused!


Mini Me (they are starting to learn to walk around)
Brayden lovin on Daisy

August 27, 2011 (Saturday) - Day 21
We  came into the mud room to find Daisy, who had cleared everything out of the pool (She has become very particular in where she nurses, if there is any pee in the pool she digs things on top of it to cover it up and once those things (blankets, dog beds ect) get stinky she digs them out.) and was nursing half her babies on the floor. The other half were trying to climb out! This was the 1st time they had figured out how to get out of the pool! But now they couldn't get back in, we've heard quite a bit of noise from the pups when they're stuck and can't get from one place to another!
They've also started following Daisy when they get out, trying to nurse when she is just standing there! One of the little pups that Brayden calls "Snow White" really gets sad when Daisy isn't around, it was so cute I let Daisy outside and that pup sat by the door just howling away!

Pup tryin to escape--howling away!

Daisy.. ready to get outside, and "Snow White" trying to nurse
"Snow White" Cryin for her momma after we let Daisy out!

August 29, 2011 (Monday) - 3 Weeks
I can't believe the pups are 3 WEEKS OLD ALREADY! Where has time gone?! They have been so much fun and changing SO quickly, they have doubled in size and are now running around after each other, we've heard a few figure out how to growl when they are wrestling! So cute!
The pups are starting to stay away for longer periods of time but still do sleep quite a bit. Daisy's still bein an awesome momma! She enjoys her time outside and going for short truck rides but she makes sure to feed those pups every 2-3 hours, and if any of them poop she eats it up immidately. SO GROSS, but amazing that this first time mommy is doing so well!
I took lots of pictures this week, it's so fun to watch them change and play with each other and they are cuter than ever when they are sleeping!!! :)

Tryin to figure out this new walkin thing! They are so cute, they slip around alot on that floor!

Close up of "Snow White" she's in the middle of cryin for her momma!
August 30, 2011 (Tuesday) - Day 24
PUPPIES ARE OFFICALLY REGISTERED!!!!TH TIME! We sold Duke to Keith Olson, who lives in Madison, MN (His daughter Heather actually bought him, she emailed me Duke's puppy litter information on Monday) that's when I began the process. I was fortunate to be able to do all the registering online! I got Duke officially registered then had to register the puppy litter. There are quite a bit of steps to doing this, I had to wait until Tuesday to finish because Duke's information had to be processed. We are so excited that we got this taken care of, just a good feeling to know that the pups are registered!

August 31, 2011 (Wednesday) - Day 25
BATH TIME! New PLAY/SLEEPING/NURSING AREA!!! Woo Hoo! We FINALLY got a new set up!  Ashtyn and I gave Daisy a bath, she LOVED it (so sad to say but that was the 1st bath since she had her puppies)! She has been outside in the pool, and rinsed off the by the hose but her 1st offical bath! The pups got a bath in the bath tub today! Ashtyn did a super good job. Daisy stayed in the bathroom and licked every single puppy when we put them back in the basket after they were washed!
The New AREA-- We got rid of the pool, sanitized the floor and cut some old carpet. Ashtyn has been a HUGE helper during all of this! She and I then moved the carpet into the mud room, we placed 2 blankets on top of it, then a old fitted  sheet over that. MUCH better! We then put a puppy pad down (hopefully they learn to go potty on that) right now they have no clue!
Daisy and the pups both seem to love the new area much better, she sprawls out anywhere now and seems much more content!
Another new thing for today-- I came into give Daisy water after we made the new area- one of the pups was eating her food! Their teeth just started poking through today, but I couldn't believe it that they were eating that dry food! I moved her food into the blocked off area so she could eat on her own! We'll experiment in a few days with moist puppy food and see how they do!
We also had our 1st serious puppy inquire stop by tonight. They came around 8:00pm. They told us they were at the gas station and heard about our dog  and puppies (from Dave Timm), said that they just lost their dog and would really be intersted in one of our puppies! They stayed for about 1/2 and hr and picked out a female that they loved! The kids were sitting with us, Ashtyn kept showing them all the females! I can't believe it that we already had someone stop by when we haven't even advertised them yet! --Kinda sad in a way! But also very hopefully we will be able to place all the pups in a good home without any troubles!

We tried the collars on the pups, notice Ashtyn's thumb :( I let her cut the packaging off the collars, she accidently cut her thumb... blood EVERYWHERE and a super deep cut :( I felt SO bad, but daddy got her all cleaned up and she was happy again as soon as she got to hold a puppy!

Koda and Pepper came inside for the 1st time to visit! Here's a view of their new area! The pups are quite figuring out how to go potty on the potty pad!

September 2, 2011 (Friday) - Day 27
FOOD TIME!! Ashtyn and I decided we would offer moist puppy food to the pups for breakfast! I filled 3 bowls of food about 1/2 way then filled it the rest of the way with water and let it sit for 15 min. Then drained the bowls and put the food in their puppy area. Ashtyn seperated the puppies between the bowls. They SCARFED it down SO fast! We all watched and couldn't believe it! (I let Daisy outside during all of this). The one puppy fell alseep while it was eating!
A few hours later we def. noticed a difference in their stools! They had gotten MUCH bigger, but Daisy is still doing a good job at cleaning it up. One of the puppy expled, (threw up it's food and then ate it again). They say this is very normal. A few of the pups helped it clean the food up. GROSS!
When I let Daisy in (she normally nurses them) she just stood over top of all her sleeping babies, she looked SO confused! I felt so sad for her!
We will continue offering the moist food in the mornings for a few more days and see how they tolerate it. 
2 of the pups also had their 1st car ride! They rode with us to Lester Prairie. Ashtyn picked out the largest female and Bradyen picked out the largest Male. They did great!! They slept just about the whole time!

Pup fell alseep while he was eating!

Daisy's not quite sure why these pups aren't nursing! She sat there for the longest time watching them!

September 5, 2011 (Monday) - 4 weeks
The puppies now all have sharp little teeth poking through! They LOVE to chew.. on ANYTHING! Toes.. shoes...blankets.. each other..ect!
We took/tried to take some pictures of them all together since they are  a month old now! It was nearly impossible until they fell alseep! We took them outside a few times this week, they love to chase each other around! But it's not long until they were sleeping in the grass! Daisy is starting to become frusterated with nursing. She lets them nurse only a few times a day now. Their teeth are really bothering her.
The kids are enjoying EVER second they spend with these cute pups!

Brayden cracks me up! He just sits there competely content with that blankey in his mouth while the pup chews on his shoe!

September 7, 2011 (Wednesday) - Day 33
We took the puppies outside today and gave them their 1st does of de-wormer! Ashtyn and Brayden helped, they did great! We gave the puppies about 0.3 cc's each! They all went poop afterwards (so it's a good idea to have them outside afterwards!) We had lots of fun playing with the puppies outside!
Brayden handing Ashtyn the pups to get de-wormed!

Ashtyn and Brayden helping with de-worming the pups

September 11, 2011 (Sunday) - Day 37
We got home from our first time ever leaving the puppies, woah, HUGE MESS. I don't think I'll ever go away again when we have puppies at our house.
The puppies have now moved out to the garage. TJ and I built a wooden box for them. We will still continue to use puppy pads in hopes to keep trying to potty train them!
But it is a LOT of laundry, I'm washing puppy sheets/blankets 2 times a day. But at least it keeps the smell down!

September 12, 2011 (Monday) - 5 weeks old
The puppies are changing and growing SO incredibly fast!  They all of teeth now, most of their eyes have changed to dark brown (there a few that are still blue). Daisy is officialy done nursing. She has become more agressive and wants them to stay off of her. We keep them seperated a lot, when they are all together she runs away from them as much as possible when they are bothering her. But she is always right there if one is crying, and she still gives them quite a few baths!
Poor Daisy- On Monday night I went into the garage to find her laying on the floor panting, her utters were SO incredibly big and hard. I was so nervous, I called the vet, they said that it was probably normal due to her weaning the puppies and not nursing anymore. We brought her in the house and TJ and I put hot packs on her utters for about 15 min!
That seemed to really help her. By Tuesday they were a little less swollen and not nearly as hard.
Each day seems to be getting better!
On Monday night, TJ and Tanner built and awesoem dog feeding stand. I was so excited, it def. helps with the mess, they can't move the bowls around and spill them and they all stay at their own spot!
Oh...and course I took a few pictures this week!
TJ made this awesome food stand for the pups, it's so much easier when it comes to feeding time!

The pups new home, in the garage

Ashtyn was having so much fun playing with the pups outside!

...and so was Brayden!

So sweet!

Goin for a ride!

Someone hold me!

September 15, 2011 (Thursday) - Day 41
We hit the yardwork today! Finally fixing the chewed up, large patches of missing fence problem that had been a huge eye sore for quite some time!
TJ and Brayden worked for a few hours and within no time the backyard was looking very nice again!
Now the puppies can be outside for longer periods of time! Which is SO nice! It helps keep their laundry down to less loads for me to wash!
We also had Peyton outside in the stroller, as soon as we wheeled it out the puppies pilled around it!  (It was a little chilly, 50 degrees). They played, wrestled, chewed and finally within a few minutes were all sleeping around the stroller!
Ashtyn came out and joined in the fun with Pepper and hoped on the back!
Brayden also enjoyed playing with the puppies, it's so cute how he sits down and they all come running and all you can hear is the sweet sound of Brayden's giggles!
The puppis lovin on Brayden!
Brayden and TJ fixing the fence
A sence...from our backyard!
September 18, 2011 (Sunday) - Day 44
It's a little bit chilly out today, but unfortanely Daisy is no longer cleaning up very well after her pups, so now they are outside a lot longer.
It's been in the 50s (degrees) the last few days, so we put a headlamp in the puppies box. They seem to like that a lot, they all pile on top of each other and underneath the lamp!
But during the day we put them out and try to leave them out all day, otherwise I end up doing countless loades of puppy laundry!
Today we went out at lunch to check on the pups (and I needed to find the kids). I found Ashtyn carrying around "Pricness" her favorite, and the rest were pilled on top of each other in Koda and Pepper's kennel! I guess they are becoming more adventerous and checking the yard out!
Ashtyn taking Princess out
Ashtyn and her favorite pup- princess
Hello ;) There are 11 of us in here!
So cute!
September 19, 2011 (Monday) - 6 weeks old
I say this each week.. but I honestly cannot believe they are already 6 weeks old! It feels like just yesterday we came home to a garage full of brand new pups!
Well today was the BIG day!  Brayden and I loaded up Daisy and all 11 pups, then we picked Ashtyn up after school and headed to the vet!
Dr. Lewiston was so very kind, patient and helpful with all of our questions!
The pups were VERY healthy and doing great!
They weigh anywhere from 6.0lbs - 8.9lbs!
They all had their shots including Daisy and did wonderful!
2 vets, 3 kids, 1 momma, 11 pups, 1 dog all in 1 room for over an hour and we all made it out alive! It actually went really well! Brayden chewed on his blanket, Peyton sucked on his nook-- well until he had enough then he chucked it out of the carseat and the pups had it devoured within seconds, Ashtyn was a huge helper and handed new pups to the vet and kept the examined pups seperated, while momma of course... took the pictures! ;)

Daisy and her very squished (but warm) pups on the way to the vet!

Dr. Lewiston and Ashtyn

Soooo cute! She put him up here to be weighed..he sprawled right out to take a nap!
September 20, 2011 (Tuesday) - Day 46
Our favorite game... is CHASE.. and chase.. and chew.. or something like that.
The puppies are all following us around so much, and they LOVE it when anyone is running! They chase and run and tumble over and once they catch you, they latch on and DON'T let go!
Snowball -- the largest puppy of the bunch was grabbing Koda's leash today and tugging her around the backyard! The puppy is still half the size of Koda- but he wasn't going to let her go anywhere!
I can't believe how much fun they are, but man-o-man, they sure are a LOT of work! When will this laundry be done with!
But the best part of the day...PUPPY PHOTO SHOOT!! 
We have had lots of inquries about the puppies..so we decided it was FINALLY time to take 1 on 1 photos of them. But.. not as easy as it looks, it's nearly impossible to get them to look at at you, let alone sit still for more than a split second! I'm so thankful to have Ashtyn there to help me out! 
Both Females (The one on the left, Ashtyn Calls Princess)
*Pink/teal *Pink Flowers

Both Females
*Brown/pink  *Pink Camo

Both Males
*Red  *Yellow

Both Males
*Green  *Navy/light blue

Both Males
*Black polkadot  *Blue dog bones

Female "Nema"
She was the 1st sold puppy

Chasing Brayden!

Brayden... so serious!

Ashtyn's in love!

Mini me! Daisy is wondering why she can't get out and have her photo taken
September 21, 2011 (Wednesday) - Day 47
2nd dose of de-wormer was adminsitered today! That means the puppies can official go to their new homes. I think we will keep them all for at least another week yet.
Brayden helped me give the puppies the de-wormer when we did the morning chores. He gave me each puppy 1-by-1 out of their box and then helped push medicine out of the sringe into their mouth. He was such a big helper!
The puppies all took the de-wormer very well!
We also gave all 11 puppies a bath, ufta that was a lot of work. Not as easy as it was a few weeks ago, we can't carry them all at the same time anymore. So, Bradyen was in the bath, Ashtyn was the delivery girl (she brought puppies in and took them back to their box when they were done) and I sat outside the tub! Brayden was in charge of putting water on the pups, I did the soap and we both rinsed them off!
By puppy #6 we had the system down pretty well!

September 25, 2011 (Sunday) - Day 51
The first puppy went to his new home tonight. We hung a sign up on Friday at Catcus Jack's Bar in Stewart, MN. A guy called and was interested in the pups. On our way back home from Lester Prairie we stopped and showed him a puppy. He decided to come on Sunday night to look!
He took a male (yellow collar) home with him. Ashtyn and I gave him a bath, and she scooped up 14 cups of food for them to take home.
It was a bitter sweet ordeal. Glad that the puppy is going to such a good home but that was the first puppy to go!  Now we are down to 10!

September 26, 2011 (Monday) - 7 weeks
The puppies are growing like crazy. We feed them 2 times a day. 7 cups total. That feeding stand TJ made for them is amazing!
We have been really enjoying the nice weather outside with all the pups. They are starting to follow us around all the time, they come when they are called and they are also very very good at getting out! Anytime the gate or garage door is open they are right at your feet to escape!
This is the 1st week that their BM's have been the most normal and not like compelte diahrea. The vet said to not worry about it and as they get older and more stable on dog food everything will settle down in their little tummies.
They have a lot of fun chasing Koda and Pepper around and playing tug-a-war with Koda's leash whenever Ashtyn leaves it on her!
We all enjoy holding and cuddlying with them. It's crazy how fast the time has flown by!

October 3, 2011 (Monday) - 8 weeks
The polkadoted collar (female) has went to her new home today! This is the 3rd puppy to leave. It's still hard for us to say goodbye but so far they have gone to WONDERFUL homes! So we have to be thankful for that!
The puppies are in DESTRUCTION mode. I mean DESTRUCTION. I took a few pictures from the last few weeks of our backyard, pretty big disaster! The pups are eating so much food, we are feeding them about 1 1/2 cups each per day dividing it in half and feeding morning and night. They LOVE to chase us around and chew on things. We have been working on the 7 steps of socilaization with them and it's been a lot of fun!
We let them out of the backyard quite a bit and play with them teaching them to come when they are called.
Well, now they officially old enough to start to all go to new homes. I haven't done any advertising other than our signs we hung up around local towns and the pictures I posted on facebook. I also am hoping the ad goes through into the hy-vee trader this week! Possibly time to get the puppies listed in the star tribune as well!

October 4, 2011 (Tuesday) - Day 60
Ashtyn brought 2 puppies to show-in-tell today for school! The kids in her class just LOVED it! The puppies stayed at school for about 20 min. The class came outside when I got there, they made 2 circles and put 1 puppy in each circle. I stayed with Ashtyn's group while Mrs. Johnson stayed with the other group. The kids asked Ashtyn lots of questions and she had ALL the answers! She was very excited to tell them how old they were, how many males and females we had, how often we feed them, how many puppies are left, where the furtherst puppy is going to a new home (Washington!) How to take care of them, ect.
She was just in all her glory and the puppies did GREAT!!! I think today was the 1st time ever they didn't try using the kids fingers for chew toys! It was a very fun experience for Ashtyn, one she won't forget!
Ashtyn telling her class all about the puppies before taking them out :)
Showing her friends her favorite puppy