Monday, May 7, 2012

Marble Run

I attended a child care conference in Sioux Falls this past weekend and got SO MANY aweseome ideas of things to do and make with the kiddos! So of course as soon as I got home I had to try one of the awesome ideas from Jeff Johnson... the MARBLE RUN!
It can be done indoors or outdoors, we chose to do it outdoors (only because thats the only place you will ever find our kiddos)!
It is so inexpensive, SO EASY and so much fun!
My only advice is to let the kids help you build it, or give them tape and let them build and and invent the way they want to make the run themselves (they will amaze you with what they come up with)!

*Pool Noodles (buy @ the dollar tree)
*Tape (Duct Tape works the best but can use packaging tape as well)
*Marbles (I bought ours at Hobby Lobby in a bag of 25 for $1.99)

*Cut the Pool noodle in half the long way (you can also cut the noodle the short way to make tunnels, ect.)
*Use tape and tape the cut pool noodles together --> then tape the noodles to the steps or whenever you want to make your marble run
*Then let the kiddos play!!

Pool Noodle, Marbles and the top of the noodle cut off!

Make little tunnels by cutting off the top of the noodle

Cut the noodle in half

Tape the ends together

Tape down the noodles!

Let them play, figure it out and invent what to do with it!

And let them fix it!!! They will Be SOOO Excited when they figure out how to make it work on their own!

The exitment of figuring out how to fix it! :)

ENJOY!! :)


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