Thursday, September 20, 2012

Letter L

A few people have asked for some ideas using the alphabet relating to the homeschooling I have done with Bradyen. So here is a post. I will post some of the things we do with each letter each week  :)

Letter L
*Find the L Magnet - listen to the sound (on the magnetic leap frog)
*Air trace
*Trace the letter on white board
*Write the letter
*Cut out L with playdoh

Things we did
1. Bible Story: Lazarus & Jesus Loves the Children
     - color the bible story picture
2. ABC Book Letter L- Find things that begin with L and glue them in. Also write down the words that he remembers that begin with L
3. Laugh Lots
4. Go to the Library
5. Write a Letter to someone special & mail it :)
6. Jump in Leaves
7. Make a Leaf maze
8. Do the Limbo
9. Lawn bowling (we did this with pumpkins and toilet paper)
10. Play with Legos
11. L Maze use a marker, dot marker, or sticker for this :)
12. Make Leaf Sugar Cookies

Leaf Art - using Metallic Markers
Leaf Threading
Leaf shaving cream painting
Make Leafs for the Thankful Tree

Food & Drink:
Linguine Pasta
Lemonade- it was so much fun watching as he made his own lemonade :)


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