Monday, September 10, 2012

Canning Applesauce

Unfortunately I was never a big fan of canning anything. So every time my parents were canning I made sure that I was no where to be found. Years later I am really regretting it.
Luckily I have some amazing girl friends who took me under their wing this year and taught me so much and we had such a blast while canning... and a LOT of canning is what we did!
Day #1. Applesauce. *This was one of the things on my Fall Bucket List to check off and we got it accomplished!
Here was the process. (I took LOTS of pictures so I wouldn't forget a single step because this is going to be a yearly tradition for the kids and I from now on).

And the best part....

TASTE TESTING!!!! No sugar added to the kids and they ALL loved it!! :)

Anna and I after a hard days work! We canned 12 QUARTS and 8 PINTS of Applesauce!!
It isn't as hard as it looks, and it is definitely worth it! :)


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