Thursday, September 6, 2012

the Marry-Wed Game

Isn't it amazing just how crazy life can get after you get married. The dating and engagement stages we had so much time for each other and we were so in tune with each other, with our wants, needs...just everything. Once you get married, add in careers, real bills and children to the mix how well do you really know your spouse?

It is so important to stay connected to your spouse, the person that you knew so incredibly well when you were dating could have completely changed as life has changed over the last few years!

Here is a fun game to do on a date night with your spouse (you could do this during a quite stay in date night or out to eat)!Print them --> then Fill these out for each other -->Then write your own (truthful) answers down on a separate sheet of paper. You will have so much fun reading the answers and reminiscing old memories!!
This doesn't take long, you will NOT regret playing this game!

Click here to download a FREE printable of the game.

           Enjoy! :)



  1. What a great idea! I think I'll print out 2 for each of us...I'll fill one out for him and myself and vise versa and then compare the answers.

  2. oh, I found your link through pinterest, bytheway. Cute blog!