Friday, September 7, 2012

Ice Cube Paint

We accidentally found a new favorite project... ICE CUBE PAINTING!

Katie and Brayden were painting, I left them alone for just minutes and came back to find this...
They took it upon themselves to get more paint which spilled EVERYWHERE. I mean EVERYWHERE, yes all over them, the chairs and the floor.
After I got them cleaned up they headed outside to play while I figured out what to do with this mess.
I left the paint in the ice cube tray because there was SO much in there and had to show Ashtyn when she got home from school (and to show my hubby who didn't believe me when I texted him about this big mess).
Ashtyn got home and thought this was the COOLEST thing EVER. Within a second of looking at the mess she said, "mom put it in the freezer"! What an awesome idea! In the freezer went the tray of paint.
The next day, here is what our kitchen looked like :)
*The next time we do this, I will be the one pouring the paint into the ice cube tray! It also works a little better if you spray a little PAM on the tray!


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